Lease or Purchase

You can lease or purchase any of our stand alone Admittance Tunnels, Reflection Loss Arches, or Uniformity Scanners; or you can lease/purchase the complete system. All complete systems include the scanner, analyzer, control system, and a laptop with monitor control, data collection, and reduction software installed... and you keep the laptop!

Below are some examples of customized systems we have sold/leased.


Example of Systems Leased/Sold

IL Admittance Tunnel

- Front Door Access with auto opener
- Interior Light Switch For sample placement
- Off angle access door
- RF cables {S21 ports)

Production QA model for large volume testing. Gaussian Beam - Lens Design, {optimized for FSS & Eps testing} Freq. Range 0.7-18 GHz Interchangeable Irises, (Size is freq. Dependant). Large sample pass through Low dielectric net for sample support TE & TM capable, Off angle capability 0 – 65 degrees (optimized 0 - 45 degrees) Internal lighting for sample view & placement.

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Multi-banded E-pod Matrix

E-pod matrix in-process QC test system. Each unit has 2ea E-pods (1 Down-Web, 1 Cross-Web) per every each N9923 PNA setup in a dual channel configuration. All Three N9923 PNAs are controlled via a laptop computer running our custom designed Test Measurement Automation Control Software (TMACS).


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MWI_PRA24 X-band poly-rod Gaussian Beam Antenna

This antenna is setup in a single polarity (down-web) configuration to perform in-process QC inspection when connected to the N5230 PNA.


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